CEO's Message
Mohammed AbdullaAviation as an industry is not only witnessing a remarkable transformation amidst unprecedented growth, but it is also establishing itself as a key enabler of economic growth. In Dubai alone, aviation contributes nearly 30 percent to the emirate’s GDP. Across the UAE, aircraft movements are expected to reach 1.62 million by the year 2030 – of which nearly 5,000 daily flights will be originating/terminating at one of the country’s many international airports.

Headlining this impressive growth is Dubai International – the world’s busiest airport for international passengers. And behind the scenes, the scope and responsibilities shouldered by dans continues to expand and diversify. The challenges we face in ensuring safe and efficient air traffic management – both on the ground and in air – cannot be overstated.

We are not alone. Around the world, air navigation service providers are being confronted with new realities and demands. Improved air connectivity, airport expansion, airline fleet enhancement and rapid technological advancements are all heightening the pressure on ANSPs to deliver proficient and cost-effective services. In fact, the aviation industry as a whole is affected by the combined impact of limited runway capacity, airspace congestion and outdated air traffic control processes.

Taking into account the ambitious growth planned for the UAE over the coming decades, our ever-increasing responsibilities at dans– in terms of safety, efficiency, capacity and the environment – are at once exhilarating and intimidating.

This is why we have embraced change as an independent ANSP, and devised an all-encompassing strategy to develop, support and achieve optimum usage of our airspace. By championing the invention and adoption of new systems and technologies, we seek to deliver new air traffic management capabilities, ease traffic congestion, minimise aircraft fuel consumption and reduce aviation’s environmental footprint. Our bold new vision is to “transform the sky”. To shape a sound and sustainable future. Not just for UAE’s aviation, but also for the world.

Mohammed Abdulla Ahli
Chief Executive Officer